State of the art Gym

Woodlands Gym


Woodland Leisure Club offers access to our gym and swimming pool facilities.

Technogym is world leader in Fitness and Wellness solutions and has equipped 65,000 wellness centers and over 100,000 homes around the world. It is estimated that in the region of 35 million people use Technogym products every day in more than 100 countries.

At Woodland Holiday Park we have invested over£100,000 to create one of the best equipped Technogym in the county installing state of the art equipment used by professional athletes including the England football team.

Our new gym is equipped with over 20 Technogym Wellness stations that have been carefully selected to help you set and achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle.

All are welcome to join Woodland Leisure Club with a one off £25 admin fee*

Woodland Leisure Club operates a membership system where the first visit will involve the completion of a personal details form and pre exercise questionnaire.

This data will be stored securely on our SportSoft Leisure management system and a membership swipe card will be issued.

There is no access to non-members.

The Wellness key

Each member will receive their own Technogym Wellness key designed to help you to achieve your fitness goals in an innovative way.

  • The Wellness System is operated by your own personalised Wellness Key
  • Your Wellness Key can be programmed with details of your specific exercise programme
  • Each time you visit the gym, you can simply pop your key into one of our Wellness Expert hubs and it will download your workout as prescribed by one of our team

The Wellness system exercise programming

  • Input your key into a piece of equipment and it will read your chosen exercise programme and your workout will begin
  • On all of our cardiovascular stations the Wellness Key will automatically start the machine at the time, speed, distance and effort level as programmed.
  • On Resistance equipment, the Wellness Key will remind you about setup positions, what weight to set, the number of sets and reps programmed. It will also provide speed and range of motion guidance.








Wellness system data records

  • Not only does the key make it easier for you to know your programme (different workouts can be selected) it records all your data
  • You can check how many calories you’ve burned, distance you’ve traveled and weights you’ve lifted in and post workout
  • Your Fitness & Wellbeing can also use this data to review and update your programme and let you know how well you are progressing

Woodlands Gym

Gym passes

We’ve tailored our passes to fit in with your lifestyle ranging from discounted off-peak packages to ‘full access pass’ which includes the use of our indoor heated swimming pool and sauna. If you don’t want to take out a pre paid pass then you are very welcome to pay as you go.

Our gym is open every day from 7.30am through to 9.00pm, 7 days a week!

*The £25.00 membership fee is a one-off payment that covers 2 adults and lasts a lifetime.

Woodlands Gym


We don’t provide supervision in the gym however it will be monitored by a centralised control centre using four CCTV’s so you are never too far away from assistance.

Use of the gym is entirely at your own risk and we recommend always using the gym with a gym buddy.

Everyone using the gym will be required to complete our physical activity readiness questionnaire.

The gym can only be used by over 18’s.