Woodland Getaways vs City Breaks

Posted 15/03/2016

Sitting down to plan and book a holiday with your loved ones can always cause a headache; do you opt for a fast-paced city break or a quiet, relaxing getaway encompassed by nature? Here are the top five factors we think you should consider when making your decision.

Quality Time Together

The first and most important factor you might consider when looking to book a holiday is whether or not you’re going to enjoy yourselves, relax and connect with each other. When life is moving too fast and the stresses and strains of work, bills and a crazy schedule get too much a weekend getaway can provide the perfect remedy.

A woodland, country getaway gives you the opportunity to enjoy peace, quiet and tranquillity in natural surroundings with the chance to get through those books you’ve been meaning to read. It offers lengthy forest walks, cycling trails and cosy nights spent with a glass of wine in the hot tub. As well as unique country pubs, friendly faces and miles of sandy beaches.

A city break is perfectly suited to those that enjoy the noise, the buzz and a diversity of things to see and do. From London to Bath, Norwich and plenty of others, the UK is full of cities that are great to visit. With the pace of a bustling city and the amount of things you try to fit in we’re not so sure this is the option for a chance to spend quality time and enjoy each other’s company, but it certainly keeps you entertained.

Value for money

Depending on your budget, you may be limited on where you can go and what you can book. If that’s the case then you may be looking for the option that gives you the best value for money. Each destination has their pros and cons but a city break will tend to come out as the more expensive when you include all the hidden extras.

Woodland getaways offer fantastic value for money because most of the activities are free and there are rarely any hidden costs involved. Most places you book across the country will be spacious, well kitted out and have all of your bills included. The only downside is that you will have to provide your own food.

City breaks will vary heavily on what you decide to do, but with that it gives you the chance to plan a getaway with great value for money. A city break will be as expensive as you make it but there are a lot of hidden costs like public transport and the temptation of the various restaurants and sights.

Things to do

When you factor in things to do, it all comes down to what you enjoy as to whether you sway towards a woodland, countryside environment or a city. If you like to visit bars, restaurants and the theatre then a city break will be the best fit for you. If you prefer to get on a bike, photograph nature or take long walks in the fresh air then your perfect destination might just be North Norfolk.

City breaks will give you a greater diversity of activities, which is great if you share different interests and compromise on activities but it will always come down to preference.

Hotel vs Lodge/Cabin

When you’re looking to book your getaway, your decision between a hotel or lodge is going to be difficult as you weigh up the pros and cons of the all-inclusive deals but only having one room, or having self-catering options but have the freedom of a whole lodge and private hot tub to enjoy.

Booking a lodge will usually come in 3, 4 and 7 night stays, which can be restrictive if you only want a single night away. Hotels on the other hand are more flexible, but the problem is the plethora of choice available can make it so difficult to settle on one to book.

Of course every family, couple, group of friends will have a different itinerary to fill, and at different times of the year you are bound to make a varied choice. The beach is never inviting on a cold and wet winters day, but then again nobody likes a hot and crowded city in the middle of August either!