Why North Norfolk is a unique holiday destination

Posted 23/01/2018

North Norfolk not only attracts visitors from across the UK but also from across the world. At Woodland Holiday Park we sometimes take for granted the many reasons why so many people journey to North Norfolk every year for their holiday, but we know that one reason is that it is one of the most unique holiday destinations in the UK.

Here are just some of the things that make North Norfolk a unique holiday destination.

Rare wildlife

From rare birds to the largest colony of seals in the UK, North Norfolk is teaming with wildlife. There are many nature reserves across the region that help to protect unusual species or ensure wildlife remain unthreatened by humans, these are also accessible to the public and are often a great way of seeing rare animals in their natural habitat. North Norfolk is proud of its wildlife and there have been schemes set up in the county to help endangered animals to breed, most notably red squirrels which can be now be found in some of the woodland areas in Norfolk.


North Norfolk has a rich and interesting history. Fossils along the coast have been found that date back to pre-historic times, while the county’s capital Norwich was once England’s second most important city (after London). This means that almost everywhere you go in North Norfolk there is some sort of historical significance. The village of Burnham Thorpe, for example, is the birthplace of the British Naval hero Lord Nelson, while Blickling Hall Estate was once owned by the Boleyn family and is thought that Anne Boleyn (second wife to Henry VIII) was born there.

Stunning coastline

One of North Norfolk’s biggest draws is its stunning coastline. From cliff edges to miles of sandy beaches the North Norfolk coast has it all. Sheringham and Cromer beaches are close to Woodland Holiday Park and are especially popular with families during the summer months. Further along the coast is Wells next the Sea, which is a popular destination with many visitors enjoying the unusual beach huts that line the beach. Holkham Beach, which is part of the Holkham Estate, offers miles of sandy beaches and is visited throughout the year – this beach has even featured in an Oscar winning Hollywood film!

Traditional charm

From traditional seaside towns to quaint English villages, many places in North Norfolk has an old-fashioned charm that delights UK and international visitors alike. Comer is a traditional Victorian seaside town, complete with a Pier that offers entertainment throughout the year; while across the county there are many traditional villages to discover that have largely remained the same for hundreds of years.

Laid back way of life

What brings many visitors back to North Norfolk time and again is the stress-free and laid-back way of life here. Life moves a little slower in North Norfolk than in cities, which makes it the ideal place for visitors wanting a relaxing break from everyday life to visit. As well as this, the friendly locals, great food and fresh air makes North Norfolk a perfect holiday destination.