Traditional British activities to try in North Norfolk

Posted 20/06/2016

Recent research carried out by Visit North Norfolk has found that many adults and children have not tried classic activities like building sandcastles and kite flying. As a holiday park located close to the North Norfolk coast we are passionate about many aspects of traditional British culture and for us trying classic activities is one of the appeals of holidaying in this region.

To help encourage more people to try some quintessential British activities we’ve created a list of five that can be done in North Norfolk and which we think everyone should try at least once.

Paddling in the sea 

While we may not have the warm, calm seas of the Mediterranean, the North Sea is ideal for paddling. During summer paddling in the North Sea provides a welcome relief to hot days and, unlike swimming, no swimsuits are required. Simply roll up your trousers and see how far into the sea you dare to venture before getting your clothes wet. The only equipment you need is a towel to dry off your feet once you are back on the beach.

Sail a boat

As an island nation, sailing has been a popular activity for centuries and, as the many seaside towns scattered along the coast showcase, North Norfolk has had a long connection with the sea. There are many places in North Norfolk where you can go on a boat trip, alternatively head to the Norfolk Broads and you can hire a boat for the day to navigate the world-famous waterways.

A country bike ride

Along with our stunning coast, North Norfolk also has an abundance of beautiful countryside that is best explored on two-wheels. Cycling is popular in North Norfolk and our quiet country lanes make is an ideal place for a bike ride. As well as this, there are many established cycle routes that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. During your ride you can stop off for lunch at one of the many traditional English country pubs where you can enjoy a meal and drink before exploring more of the countryside.

Eat fish and chips by the sea

There is no better place to eat fish and chips than by the sea. The salt in the air and the sound of waves against the shore provide the perfect setting for this traditional British meal and, with North Norfolk’s still thriving fishing heritage, it is likely that your fish will have been freshly caught that day. Nearly all of the towns and villages along the North Norfolk coast have restaurants that serve fish and chips, while it is also on the menus of many of the region’s pubs.

Collect sea shells

Both children and adults will have fun searching the coastline for pretty and unique shells that they can collect as souvenir of their trip to North Norfolk. For decades visitors to the coast have enjoyed collecting shells that wash up onto the shore and taking them back home to show family and friends.


While these are our five traditional British activities that we think everyone should try there are many more, some of which can be found the on the Visit North Norfolk website