The perfect holiday destination for dogs and their owners

Posted 02/02/2017

Your dog is a member of your family, which is why it’s hard to enjoy a family holiday without your four-legged loved one with you. At Woodland Holiday Park we’re dog lovers as well, which is why we understand the importance of having your family pet with you on your holiday and as a result we offer dog friendly accommodation so that your entire family can enjoy your holiday with us. It is not just great accommodation that your dog will enjoy while on a holiday to North Norfolk, but the place itself is perfect for these lovable pets.

Here are just a few reasons why North Norfolk is the perfect holiday destination for dogs and their owners.

Fantastic walks

North Norfolk has lots of fantastic walks that are ideal for dogs. Whether along cliffs or exploring country lanes, Norfolk’s paths are accessible and easy enough for those of all abilities. Both dogs and their owners can spend days along the famous coastal path and discover the many seaside towns and villages that are scattered along the path. In addition to this, often not mentioned but equally as beautiful is this region’s countryside. Miles of fields, woodland walks and pretty country parks are all welcoming places for dogs.

Dog friendly beaches

Throughout the year North Norfolk beaches are the perfect place to take dogs. While out of season the majority of beaches in this region allow dogs, even during summer months some of the most popular beaches still welcome dogs. Whether it is playing fetch, braving a dip in the North Sea or simply running along the sand sniffing the salty sea air, dogs love discovering North Norfolk beaches.

Eating out options

Holidaying in North Norfolk with your dog doesn’t mean you will be short of eating out options. Many pubs allow dogs in the bar area where meals can be served, while during summer months most cafes have outdoor eating areas that are perfect for those with dogs. As well as this, the region has a thriving fishing and farming industry, meaning that the meals served in many pubs, cafes and restaurants are made using fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Seaside towns and villages

Dogs like to discover new smells and exploring North Norfolk seaside towns and villages will really appeal to their senses. During summer many coastal towns and villages come alive with tourists exploring the streets and local fishermen bringing in their catch of the day. Cafes, pubs and restaurants serve fresh seafood and there is no shortage of places to get the English classic fish and chips. Even during winter months these towns and villages are great places for both dogs and their owners to explore and discover new sights and smells.

Explore country estates

Throughout the region there are many country estates that are not only open to the public, but also welcome dogs. These estates have stunning grounds to explore that can include wooded areas, follies to stumble upon and large lakes. These estates offer lots of opportunities for dogs to get exercise and discover new smells, plus they give owners the chance to find new and interesting places to explore.

Both dogs and their owners will love everything that North Norfolk has to offer, making it the perfect destination for a dog-friendly holiday.