North Norfolk is lovely at any time of year, but in autumn it positively glows

Posted 31/08/2017

And here are some bright ideas for how to enjoy it.

Autumn is a season that brings out the best in many places. In North Norfolk it’s a time of unbridled beauty.

Nowhere loves visitors more than this part of the country. Somehow though, the slightly quieter time of autumn, when the bustle of summer has settled, has an atmosphere of calm, colourful splendour that makes it even more delightful to savour.

One of the simplest, and let’s be honest, cheapest, ways of taking it all in is to simply go for a walk. At Woodland Holiday Park you’re ideally placed to set off on a stroll through some of North Norfolk’s most picturesque scenery and sights. Wander through the National Trust’s Sheringham Park and take in both countryside and coastline. Or try Holt Country Park where the Scots Pines are superb. It’s been called one of the best green spaces in the country. It’s also very close to the delightful town of Holt where you can reward yourself for walking with all manner of treats.

If you like to walk, and be close to a town, you really should investigate The Walks in King’s Lynn. A glorious space, it contains some 800 mature trees, as well as a beautifully restored chapel. There’s a cafe and games area too.

One place that really does change character in autumn is Sandringham Park. The 600 acres seem even more spacious after summer has settled in to autumn. Try the nature trails. Kick up some leaves. Just stroll.

Autumn At Woodland Holiday Park

It might be slightly cooler, but when it comes to colour North Norfolk is aflame in autumn. Essential visits are the Blickling Estates, where the herbaceous borders are beautiful, and world famous Holkham Hall where apart from the spectacular scenery you can glimpse that most seasonal of sights in seeing the stags shaking their antlers to impress the females. Check out the Deer Safari to get a real close up.

And never forget to look up. Light pollution is minimal in North Norfolk and the stars in the autumn night skies are wonderful to behold.

Those clear skies are very much to do with the fact that the region is largely agricultural, and that means there are lots of foodie things going on. Food fairs, and fresh seasonal produce in local restaurants and pubs, are a real theme at this time of year.

All of the steam railways, museums and cultural venues are mostly still operating in autumn and you’ll find lots of advice and ideas on several websites for the area.

Of course, we’d like you to visit our website at and then visit us for a stay. We’re beautifully located to allow you to enjoy all this beauty, and our first-rate accommodation is just what you’ll need after a day’s exploring. For that matter you can explore our restaurantindoor pool and tennis courts too.

We have cycles for hire as well, which is yet another way to see all that’s best in North Norfolk in autumn.

Everything you’ve heard about autumn – all its colours and vibrancy – really are true here. It’s quieter, but colourful. Less crowded, but packed with things to do and see. It’s North Norfolk in autumn. And it’s waiting for you.

There’s one other thought too. In the craft shops and byways of the villages and market towns you might just find some inspiration for Christmas presents to take home. Sorry! But it is getting close. And what better than finding something unique that isn’t online and in the big stores?

A Woodland Holiday Park break in autumn. Now that is a bright idea.