Norfolk – A welcoming place and people

Posted 04/01/2017

You’ll hear it said that Norfolk is somewhere you have to intend to come to – because its geographical position means that you don’t pass through it on the way to anywhere else. Strictly speaking it’s true of course, but we think that when you get here you won’t want to go anywhere else!

The scenery and coastline, the open spaces and unspoiled beauty of the county, coupled with superb facilities for holidays and leisure time, are reasons enough to love this place, but as well as all of that there are the people.

Norfolk people are welcoming, and happy. It’s official! Norwich – the county’s capital city – was actually voted as the happiest place to work in the UK. So think what it must be like to holiday here!

For perhaps the most impressive endorsement we can give you, the Royal Family love Norfolk. Officially, they live here, and it’s sought after by some younger members of the family (no names!) who are considering putting down roots in Norfolk. And of course the family always spend their Christmas holidays here.

Whatever time of year you choose to holiday here you’ll be made welcome. Norfolk people say that they like to do different, and you’ll find that they’ll make all the difference to your holiday.

Even when you’re enjoying a self catering holiday you’ll want to get out and about and it’s the people who really make a place. Norfolk is far from overcrowded, but what it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in quality.

You’ll discover that because Norfolk people love the county they know a lot about it, so there’s always advice available on what to see, where to go – and how to get there. And that certainly goes for our staff at Woodland Holiday Park.

Being in North Norfolk we’re surrounded by some of the most welcoming people you’ll find anywhere. It’s an easy going pace of life in this part of the county and people here want you to enjoy your stay. The county has a long tradition of welcoming those from other parts, stretching back to the Flemish weavers in the Middle Ages. They of course came here to work, and you’ll be here to relax. But you’ll find the same outgoing affability.

We must of course mention the Norfolk dialect. We’re not easily riled in Norfolk but we do get a bit cross sometimes at the way our accent is – shall we say – misrepresented sometimes! It’s true, there are some words you may have to learn, but the Norfolk voice is a lovely, lilting, one. Its gentle tones sum up the warmth of Norfolk people, and like thousands before you, you’ll soon be soothed by it.

And you could find yourself educated by it too. With so much to do on a North Norfolk holiday you’ll want to explore all the options. There’s bird watching, walking, fishing, water sports – not to mention resorts and retail therapy! Whatever appeals to you, you can rest assured there’s a local expert on hand to give you the best advice and to share their local knowledge. From castles to cathedrals, to the beauty spots of the Broads, from where to find a windmill to the legends of the lifeboats, there’s a Norfolk native who can help you get the most out of it.

Woodland Holiday Park Cromer

If you’re looking to take more than a passing interest in passing your time there are lots of groups who specialise in activities such as walking and wildlife, or sailing for example. Our staff are always happy (because they’re very friendly and welcoming!) to point you in the right direction, or a quick online search will reveal all the contact details you need.

To be honest, all of this warmth and friendliness does come with a couple of words of warning. Firstly, do check the pronunciation of place names. Happisburgh is probably the key one. It’s not said as Happisberg – it’s said as Haysborough. And secondly, wherever you are in Norfolk it’s probably best not to mention a certain Suffolk town’s football club. You wouldn’t want to spoil your holiday!

But those small considerations aside you’ll find Norfolk people are as warm as any and more welcoming than most. They love Norfolk and they love sharing the county with you.

You’ll find as well that the county has refined its friendliness into a fine art when it comes to holidays. If you want pet friendly places, or family friendly places, child friendly places or secluded places where just the two of you can find time to be – friendly – you’ll be spoiled for choice in Norfolk.

Come to think of it, Woodland Holiday Park is pretty much all of those places in one!