Looking for a Norfolk log cabin with a hot tub?

Posted 16/09/2016

You’re not alone! Lots of people are now looking for exactly that, norfolk hot tub holidays. That extra touch of luxury to make a log cabin holiday really special.

But don’t worry! You will be alone when you get here! You’ll have plenty of privacy at Woodlands Holiday Park. Our log cabins are hidden away in acres of North Norfolk’s finest woodland and scenery. It’s a real oasis of calm where you can recharge your batteries with a break.

And soak away your cares, because our log cabins have hot tubs! Think about it. Wandering and exploring all day, and then stepping into a refreshing hot tub to unwind. Whether it’s family fun or a romantic indulgence for the two of you, it’s a great way to end a day!

The hot tub is something that’s increasingly sought after in a self-catering holiday, and at Woodlands Park we think we’ve got it exactly right.

The cabins are built to the highest specifications. Constructed from Arctic Pine they’re designed to be comfortable all year round. Warm in winter, cool in summer, they’re top of the range accommodation. And they’re beautifully equipped with everything you’ll need for a relaxing break.

The hot tubs are top notch too, with external timber cladding and the latest features. Carefully selected to complement our cabins they’re perfect for that end of day soak – possibly under the stars!

And the location is pretty stellar as well. Woodlands Holiday Park is ideally placed for exploring North Norfolk. You can set off for a walk along the Norfolk Coast Path, or head for one of the nearby towns and villages. North Norfolk is a great place for cycling. If you’re into fishing there’s plenty of scope. And when it comes to places to eat and drink you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Or, you could of course just chill at your log cabin, taking a stroll through the park when and if you feel like it. There’s plenty to see, and it’s easy walking.

From bird watching to visiting attractions or places of historical interest, North Norfolk has so much to offer it’s the ideal holiday place for the family, or a couple.

That’s why we have luxury wooden cabins for different party sizes with the option of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms, and of course the hot tub!

We’re flexible about bookings too. Our holiday short-breaks run from Monday to Friday and Friday to Monday. Week and longer breaks are also available commencing both Monday and Friday.

Woodlands Park is easy to get to, but once you’re here you’ll realise how secluded it is. It’s a great way to get away, without having to travel too far.

So, for the romantic break, or the full on family fun week, Woodlands Park in North Norfolk is the place to head for. It’s got the location, the facilities, and peace and quiet at the same time as having easy access to things to do.

And when you’ve been out and about all day you can come back and soak in your own personal hot tub. Maybe you’ll have a glass of wine as you unwind. Perhaps you’ll chat about where you’ve been and what you did during the day. And of course there’s tomorrow to plan.

It’s all so much more fun when you’re relaxing in the bubbles! And it’s all so much better when you’re unwinding at Woodlands Holiday Park!

When it comes to modern, high quality self catering breaks in log cabins we’ve developed the perfect package. And now, with hot tubs too we’re delivering exactly what people are looking for.

If you’re looking for a log cabin holiday with a hot tub you’ll find that we tick all the boxes. Gorgeous woodland setting in sought after North Norfolk. A quiet location that’s easy to get to. Outstanding accommodation and facilities. And the hot tub!

We think you’ll want to soak up the charms of Woodland Holiday Park. We know you’ll want to unwind by soaking in your hot tub!