How to keep children entertained while on holiday

Posted 25/07/2016

Prior to having children holidays were a chance to relax and do next to nothing, but once you have children priorities change and keeping them entertained becomes paramount. No matter where you choose to spend your holiday, unless you have some sort of plan on what you are going to do during your break away, at some point children will start to get bored.

If you are planning to take a holiday with your children here are some tips to keeping them entertained while away:

Choose a child-friendly destination
Prior to booking your holiday, research the area to make sure that the destination is child-friendly. This means checking the weather if you are planning on heading abroad to ensure that it isn’t too hot, while also making sure there isn’t a lot of travelling involved where children will potentially get bored. As well as this, it is a good idea to check that your accommodation and the local area will have restaurants that serve meals your children will be happy to eat.

Go on day trips
Along with checking that the destination is child-friendly, it is a good idea to ensure that there are attractions close to your accommodation that is suitable for children. However good the onsite facilities, there are likely to be times when your children will get fed up being onsite and will want to do and see something different. Local attractions that involve being active or centre around a theme that appeals to children are often popular. As well as this, young children often enjoy visiting places with animals, such as farms, and being close to nature in general.

Ensure there are child-friendly facilities
Wherever you choose stay you should ensure that there are child-friend facilities onsite. If you are able to keep children entertained without having to leave your accommodation it will help to save money from having to constantly go on day trips. Simple facilities such as swimming pools and games rooms are ideal for families as they will ensure children have somewhere to go and something to do when they get bored.

Choose suitable accommodation
The type of accommodation you choose for your holiday will have a huge impact on the type of holiday you have. While hotels, especially when travelling abroad, are popular you are often restricted when you can eat breakfast and dinner by restaurant serving times. Self-catering accommodation, however, often offers a more laid-back holiday where you have more control over your day’s routine. As well as this, when holidaying with children accommodation will ideally have private space where they can play to get rid of their excess energy without disturbing other holidaymakers.

Take the right provisions
Taking a supply of your children’s favourite snacks, toys, gadgets and games will help to keep them occupied and entertained throughout your holiday. Children, especially younger children, prefer what is familiar to them so by packing a supply of treats and games that they are used to at home will help to make the holiday more enjoyable and ensure that they don’t feel that they are missing out on their home comforts.