7 Reasons why North Norfolk is the perfect staycation destination

Posted 29/07/2016

The drop in the pound against the dollar and euro, along with the instability of many of our favourite holiday destinations abroad, makes staycations more appealing than ever. In fact holidaying in the UK has many advantages, no exchange rate, flying isn’t necessary and you can speak the language; so a holiday in the UK can provide a fun, hassle-free and relaxing break.

Of all the great holiday destinations in the UK, we believe North Norfolk is the best. Of course we maybe a little biased, but we do have it all – beaches, countryside, friendly locals and great places to eat. If you still don’t believe us, here are our 7 top reasons why North Norfolk is the perfect staycation destination.

The climate

North Norfolk has one of the best climates in the UK. Although we do get rain throughout the year, this region usually sees less rainfall and more sunshine than any other part of the country. As well as this, often when it does rain it does so overnight. Along with our lower amounts of rain, we also enjoy lots of sunshine and usually good temperatures to match.

Beaches with swimmable seas

To go with our good climate, we have lots of sandy beaches and swimmable seas. Some of our most popular beaches are amongst the cleanest in the country, making them ideal for a paddle, or for the very brave, a swim. Along with swimming, another popular activity in the region is surfing. Along the coast there are some perfect surfacing spots, many of which are ideal for surfing newbies.

Lots of outdoor activities

While surfacing is popular in North Norfolk, this region tends to be outdoorsy in general – another benefit of our good climate. Cycling is a favourite activity with many visitors and locals alike. This means that there are lots of cycle routes that take in some of the best scenery the area has to offer. Another popular outdoor activity is hiking and its mainly flat coastal path attracts keen hikers and day walkers looking to take in some stunning coastal scenery.

A relaxed lifestyle

Life is North Norfolk goes at a slightly slower pace than the majority of the country, meaning that it has a relaxed and laid back lifestyle. Locals are rarely in a hurry and people rushing around is an unfamiliar sight; instead visitors will quickly fall into the gentle rhythm of daily North Norfolk life.

Traditional English charm

One of the biggest appeals of North Norfolk with visitors both in the UK and from abroad, is its traditional English charm. Historic villages and towns are scattered across the region, while along its coast are a number of old fishing villages and towns. Together with these traditional towns and villages are quintessentially English country pubs that provide a warm and friendly welcome to visitors.

Good food and drink

For a long time fishing has been a vital part of North Norfolk’s economy and to this day fishing is an important part of the region’s daily life. This means that visitors can enjoy meals using freshly caught fish and some of the best seafood in the country. Agriculture is also an important part of North Norfolk’s culture, which means that fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are a regular feature of the county’s restaurant menus. Pubs, restaurants and cafes throughout the region cater to all tastes and budgets so you are bound to find great food wherever you choose to eat.

Lots of places to visit

North Norfolk’s rich history means that there is an abundance of interesting places to visit. Those interested in history will love exploring the many historic country houses in the region, as well as the village where Lord Nelson was born and raised. Alternatively, some of the coastal towns are renowned for their restaurants, beaches and scenic views making them popular tourist haunts with London’s wealthy and where the odd A-list celebrity can even be spotted.

In our opinion North Norfolk is the most underrated county in the country, but don’t just take our word for it and find out why this is the perfect staycation destination yourself.