Pemberton Holiday Homes

Pembertons long held reputation for outstanding build quality continues to be the benchmark that other manufacturers strive to achieve. A high end product synonymous with innovative features and a backup service second to no one. Never the cheapest product on the market however always representing fantastic value for money.

Industry leading warranties 5 years for the roof, wall structure, windows, floorboards and doors.10 year warranty on the chassis. Pemberton are the only manufacturer to offer residential specification BS3632 across the range. 100mm insulated walls 250 mm super glass fibreglass insulation in the roof  with 65 mm insulated floors are some of the key build features that help set Pembertons apart from all of the other manufacturers.

The double glazed windows are made with low-E and argon filled glass. The main benefits of this is that it displaces the air between the windows and improves the insulation(U) value. This high end glazing achieves at least 40% better insulation levels than the typical industry standard. With the list of features on every model consistently astounding customers it is no surprise that the Pembertons customer base continues to grow with many loyal customers choosing to keep within the Pemberton range as they upgrade through the range as their family circumstances change.