Holiday home sales

Woodland Holiday Home

For those thinking about buying a caravan, it can often be a difficult decision and there are many factors to take into account, hopefully, we will be able to help you with those. At Woodland Holiday Park we have many caravans and lodges for sale and want all of our caravan owners to have made the right choice in choosing a Woodland Holiday Home.

Why should you buy a holiday home?

For some people buying a holiday home is a lifestyle choice and a place for them, and their friends and family to get a break from everyday life and spend precious quality time together. It is also an affordable way to own a second home in a desirable location. The benefit of this is that there is no hassle of booking or planning, you are able to visit as often as you like and at any time you would like through-out the year, including the otherwise expensive school holidays. They can be ideal for busy families wanting to spend quality time together, or retirees who want somewhere to relax and enjoy the Norfolk coast.

Is location important?

Your holiday home is a retreat that allows you to escape your day to day routine and unwind. At Woodland Holiday Park we understand this and so have invested a lot of time ensuring that our grounds offer picturesque scenery and a relaxing environment, along with being close to the North Norfolk coast. As well as this, our holiday park features a host of on-site facilities such as an indoor swimming pool and sauna, state-of-the-art gymnasium, tennis courts, clubhouse with bar and restaurant open 7 days a week and a fully stocked fishing lake. Whether you want to spend your holiday time relaxing in the woodlands, walking in the countryside, enjoying the beaches, or staying on site and enjoying the facilities we offer it provides a holiday that all ages and families can enjoy together.

We highly recommend to anybody interested in purchasing a caravan at Woodland Holiday Park to spend a few days here, enabling you to get a feel for the park and the local area, and what it has to offer. You can also view our caravans for sale and make the most of our facilities.

What is it like to stay in a caravan?

Static caravans provide a luxurious and comfortable place to stay all year round. They are all one level and provide all of the facilities and amenities you would expect from your home, meaning that you will find everything you would expect from a home, including large bathrooms, en-suites, bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and spacious living areas. They are also designed and built using state of the art materials, with double glazing and central heating as a standard feature meaning they are warm and comfortable all year round. You will also have all of your home luxuries, with modern appliances such as television, fridge freezers, washing machines and much more. You are guaranteed to have a stress free break!

Holiday Home Sales Woodland Holiday Park

How to pay for my caravan?

At Woodland Holiday Park we find that whilst some people are able to purchase their caravan outright, through savings or selling another property. For others this is not feasible, therefore we provide finance options, we have a partnership with a leading high street bank and are therefore able to offer manageable repayments over a convenient period of time, making it an affordable financial investment.

Holiday Home Costs

When you purchase a holiday home at Woodland Holiday Park the stated price is the total price of the caravan, and this includes the timber decking, all appliances, interiors and furniture as well as connection charges, your first gas bottles and a digital TV aerial. This means that you can move into your new property straight away with no extra costs making it a stress-free process. There are some ongoing costs, just the same as you would expect from any home, such as, utility bills, insurance, and a small ground rent fee which goes towards ensuring the environment remains clean, tidy and attractive.

How often can I visit my holiday home?

We are open all year round, however, your holiday home may be occupied during the period starting mid-February until the first Sunday/Monday of the following January. This 46 week season means you are able to enjoy all holiday periods with us, including Christmas and New Year! Throughout this season you may visit and holiday with us as much as you would like, however, Woodland Holiday Park is not a residential park, therefore it is required that all persons who purchase a caravan with us have a permanent main address elsewhere.

Owners Limited

When you join Woodland Holiday Park you also join Owners Limited, owners are very important to us and as such we like to reward them by offering numerous benefits, these include discount on food, drink and swimming in the clubhouse, priority booking in our restaurant and for big events, exclusive invitations to a series of events throughout the year, a number of free swims passes through-out the year and priority service for any maintenance issues from our full-time on-site maintenance team.