Discover North Norfolk's coastline...

Ever wondered what life in Norfolk was like many moons ago? 

Stretching from Weybourne to Cart Gap, Norfolk's curved coastline is steeped in ancient history and uncovered stories of the past - and it's open for everyone to unearth thanks to the Deep History Coast project and its initiatives.

Based no more than 300 miles from this fascinating coastline, Woodland Holiday Park are proud to be local business ambassadors of this eye-opening project.

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Deep History Coast Map

Adding to the long list of activities and days-out in Norfolk, the Deep History Coast Discovery Trail is an eye-opening, exciting holiday pasttime for all the family. The route allows you to go back in time to what the area would've been like thousands of years ago.

If you want to dig deeper (and keep the kids onboard!), we recommend downloading the Deep History Coast app. The app is triggered at a number of the eleven Discovery Points along the trail and gives you insight into what the landscape would've looked like through the eyes of a Hominin family in those days, as well as providing information about facilities in the area. 

If you want to learn more about the Deep History Coast and its initiatives see here.

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